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For most children, this time of the year marks the end of book reports, homework, and multiplication tables. The transition from life at school to life at home is always a difficult one and leaves many mothers counting the days until Fall. The transition is even difficult for preschoolers who must contend with fighting for more attention from mom or the babysitter when older brothers and sisters are home.

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How Do I Start a Home Business?

From time to time (at least once a day actually) I'll get an impossible-to-respond-to email that says something like, "How can I work from home?", or "I want to start my own home business. Please send info." or even, "Please send free info".

Naturally such vague, generalized requests are not, for reasons of time (among others), going to elicit a particularly helpful response but it does exemplify the mindset of a proportion of my site visitors - they think they want to start a home business but where on earth do they start?

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Planning an Exciting Baby Shower

With babies come baby showers. These are great parties that celebrate life and the birth of a new child into the world, family and community. In some cultures these parties go on for days. The party can be pre-birth or post birth, boy oriented, girl oriented or even unisex oriented. They can be small social gatherings among family and friends or they can be large community celebrations with entire towns joining in the celebration. They can be blow out bashes with celebrity entertainment and expensive baby show gifts or low-key intimate settings. Itís obvious to see that every culture celebrates the birth of a child in many different manners but one thing remains the same across all cultures. That celebration is one of joy, excitement and rejoicing!

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