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I love this idea!  It makes perfect sense... help babies to communicate and they will feel validated, understood and less frustrated trying to fit into this big, new world!

We've gathered some wonderful articles, tips and information on the subject... you HAVE to try this and we want to hear how it works for you!



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Sign With Your Baby Complete Learning Kit (ASL-based Book, Training Video & Quick Reference Guide combination)

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Baby Signs takes the natural communication abilities of babies a step further.

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Signs for Me : Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents & Teachers

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Baby See N Sign is loaded with signs for babies and toddlers.

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Talking Hands: A Sign Language Video for Children

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Sign With Me is a must for every parent of an infant or toddler.


Getting Started With Baby Signing
by Aisling Jones

You have probably already introduced your baby to signs without even realizing it. Waving hello, bye-bye, pointing, blowing kisses, shaking your head no, or nodding it yes are all common signs that all babies and toddlers pick up quickly. Using signs to communicate with your child can be that simple.

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But will my baby learn to talk?
by Jackie Leardi

How many of us ask ourselves this question as we venture into the world of sign language for babies? My guess is that many of us do, or we are asked by well-meaning relatives and friends.

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Babies taught sign language often ahead of their peers later on

Parents using a new child-rearing technique may need to pencil in "first sign" next to "first word" in their kids' baby books.
That's because sign language is emerging as another way for babies to communicate, even if they don't have hearing or developmental problems.

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Baby Signs Are Simple and Smart
By The Editors of Sesame Street Parents

Teach your baby sign language? Why not? It's fun. It's useful. And it could boost your child's IQ.
Researchers recently discovered a 12-point IQ gap between a group of second-graders who had been trained to sign as babies and a group who had not. "We were astonished," says one of the researchers, Linda Acredolo, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis.

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WideEyedLearning.com - They have a one-of-a-kind parent-child play class curricula (Beginner and Intermediate) available for Instructors who want to start (or extend) developmentally-sound signing programs in their area. They also offer a Workshop/Lecture Curriculum.  Currently, play classes and workshops based on their materials are offered in 14 cities around the country.  Recently they released the award winning children's video:  The Treasure Chest: Toys and Signs.
Sign2me.com - Teaches hearing parents how to begin two-way communication with their hearing babies through sign language before their infants can speak.  Discussion groups, photo gallery of signing words.
WIN their complete Learning Kit here!
SignWithMe.com - Research information on baby signing, Sign Language Dictionary, Discussion Board and links.
SigningBaby.com - Discussion Board, Email Group, Seasonal and Holiday signs and lots more!
MyBabyFingers.com - created to help build a stronger communication bond between parent and baby through the use of sign language and music.
HandSpeak.com - A resourceful web site on sign languages, imagery language and other visual languages.
BabySigns.com - The web site that supports the Baby Signs Book (shown above).  Research information and benefits are outlined along with input from parents and doctors.



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